ATS Doctoral Thesis Award

Semi-Final of 2020 TTTC’s E. J. McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award

The 2019 Asian Test Symposium (ATS) doctoral thesis award is one of the semi-finals of the 2020 TTTC’s E. J. McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award. Named after Prof. E. J. McCluskey, a key contributor to the field of test technology, the TTTC’s doctoral thesis award serves the purpose to promote the most impactful doctoral student work, to provide the students with the exposure to the community and the prospective employers, and to support interaction between academia and industry in the field of test technology.
For the 2020 TTTC’s doctoral thesis award, semi-finals will be held (to be confirmed) at the Asian Test Symposium (ATS), the VLSI Test Symposium (VTS), the European Test Symposium (ETS), and the Latin American Test Workshop (LATW). At each semi-final, a jury will determine the winner, and the semi-final winners will compete against each other in the final, held at the 2020 International Test Conference (ITC).
TTTC’s E. J. McCluskey Doctoral Thesis Award will be given to the winning student and his or her advisor.


  • Doctoral students working on test-related topics are eligible for the award. An individual can only participate in the contest once in a lifetime.
  • Students who graduated in 2019 or will graduate in 2020 are invited. Participation is encouraged when the thesis is close to completion.
  • Submissions to multiple regional sites are prohibited.


Contestants must submit (1) a one-page summary of their thesis (with one additional page allowed for figures and references only), (2) a separate cover page with the student’s thesis title, name, affiliation, one advisor, and expected date of graduation, and (3) an endorsement by the advisor, e.g., a signed statement that he or she supports the student’s participation in the contest. All submissions should be in pdf format.
Submissions will undergo a selection process. Qualified contestants will be given a presentation slot (about 20 minutes) in a designated session in 2019 ATS. The winner will be determined by the jury and announced during ATS 2019.
Submission is done by email to Hiroshi Takahashi (

Key Dates

Submission deadline:   Sept. 1, 2019      Sept. 15, 2019

Notification of qualification:  Sept. 20, 2019


Further Information
ATS 2019: Organizer:
Hiroshi Takahashi, Ehime Univ.