Dr. Nilanjan Mukherjee
Senior Engineering Director, Design-to-Silicon division
Mentor, A Siemens Business, Portland, Oregon
Title: DFT in the Era of AI Designs


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an important role in the design of autonomous systems that represent a growing market. It has a wide range of applications in varying domains including automotive, healthcare, robotics, smart infrastructure, etc. AI systems are usually multifaceted as they encompass innovative algorithms, new design architectures, and efficient device, process and packaging technologies. The key components of any AI system revolves around large data sets, fast data processing algorithms, and high performance distributed compute architectures that can operate with minimal power requirements. Testing of such autonomous systems is a big challenge as these systems are built to react to a lot of environmental stimulus covering large decision spaces. In this talk, we will highlight some of the structural test challenges to improve quality and reliability of AI systems. We will also explore if there is a need to change any of the existing DFT techniques for manufacturing testing or can we simply reuse what is available today.


Nilanjan Mukherjee is currently a Senior Engineering Director in the Design-to-Silicon division at Mentor, A Siemens Business. His primary research interests are focused on developing next generation design and test methodologies for DSM designs, primarily for automotive systems. At Mentor, he was a co-inventor of the EDT, VersaPoint Test Points, and Low Power Logic BIST technologies, and was a lead developer for TestKompress, which is the leading test compression tool in the industry today. He has published more than 80 technical papers in leading IEEE journals and conferences. He is also a co-inventor of more than 50 US and international patents.

Dr. Mukherjee has received several awards including the Best Paper Award at the 1995 IEEE VLSI Test Symposium, the Best Paper Award at the 2009 VLSI Design Conference, the 2006 IEEE Circuits and SYSTEMS Society Donald O. Pederson Outstanding Paper Award recognizing the paper on Embedded Deterministic Test published in the IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, and the 2012 IEEE International Test Conference Most Significant Paper Award. He served on the program committees of several IEEE conferences and workshops. He has represented Mentor Graphics at the Semiconductor Research Organization (SRC), at the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), and as a panelist for National Science Foundation (NSF). Nilanjan has given numerous invited talks, delivered tutorials at major international conferences, and offered DFT seminars and short-term courses across the world.