Gaurav Mittal
TI, India
Title: Challenges of High Accuracy and Low Cost Test for Power ICs


With high levels of integration using semiconductors, integrated circuits used for power monitoring and distribution (aka power ICs) face additional challenges from perspectives of transient protection, power dissipation and efficiency. Production testing of these ICs needs to deal with the contrarian tends of increasing load currents and accuracy requirements at one end and shrinking error budgets and costs at the other end. Specific test challenges include achieving low test costs using standard ATEs, effective calibration of process dependent parameters at high currents, reliable probe touchdowns against small pad size constraints, etc. Additionally, the use of such power ICs in automotive systems puts further demands on shipped product quality. This talk will cover several test innovations to achieve these objectives, namely novel DFT implementations, test hardware solutions and production test methodologies.


Gaurav has more than ten years of experience at Texas Instruments, Bangalore, in Test Engineering. He is currently the Test Manager for Power Switching, Interface and Lighting (PSIL) business unit at Texas Instruments, where he focuses on solving test gaps for high current automotive devices, and drives the test roadmap strategy. Gaurav has led several test initiatives for cost and quality in power protection device families, has worked across multiple power product lines, and has built an independent test team to drive these test solutions into the products. Gaurav received his bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from Faculty of Engineering, Dayalbagh Educational Institute and has driven multiple innovations for TI in high current, high power and high accuracy test, which are now in mainstream adoption.